Enrolment Information

Applications for Enrolment can be collected and submitted at our Front Office.
Alternatively you can complete an Application for Enrolment online and email it to us (southernrivercollege@education.wa.edu.au) with your supporting documentation by clicking on the buttons below.

Before submitting the enrolment documentation, please ensure that any required courses and facilities are available for your child at Southern River College. For each child, one form must be completed with the required proof of identification as stated in the Application of Enrolment.

A parent or legal guardian applying to enrol a child at Southern River College must complete enrolment documentation.

Only permanent residents of Australia and those children holding an approved visa sub class number are eligible to be enrolled in government schools.

We are a local intake school with preference given to children in our catchment area. The local intake area contains all or part of the local-intake areas of Wirrabirra, Seaforth, Ashburton, Bletchley Park, Gosnells, Huntingdale & Southern Grove Primary Schools.

Cancellation of Enrolment
Parents are reminded that under the Education Act 1999, the Principal may cancel the enrolment if it was obtained by giving false or misleading information; or notice of changes have not been provided about the names and usual place of residence of the child, parents, or about any provisions in force at law for the long term and day to day care, welfare and development of a child . Best school in Western Australia, Best school in Perth, Safe School, Top school in Perth, Safe school in Perth, WA’s highest-performing schools

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