House System

The House System at Southern River College fosters connectedness, collaboration and healthy competition amongst our students as they unite to achieve goals and win points for their respective houses.

Upon their commencement at the College, students are assigned to a House which comprises students from different year groups. This allows interaction among the year groups and provides senior students with mentoring opportunities.

Throughout the year students earn points for their houses through participating in weekly House competitions, major events such as the Athletics Carnival, and through their daily conduct at the College.

Our Houses are named for the Noongar words Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Kabi, meaning water, is represented by blue. Maar, or air, is our yellow house. Boodjar is our Earth faction which is symbolised by the colour green. Karla is represented by red and means fire.

The houses are led by student House Captains and staff House Leaders. House Captains are student champions of the House System. They spread House spirit, promote House pride, and encourage students to become involved in House events. They are supported by staff House Leaders.

The House System is an integral part of Southern River College Life. Each year, the winning house enjoys the glory, a reward activity and their name inscribed on the house cup.