Our RIVER Values

RELATIONSHIPS        Care, Collaborative Courteous

Positive relationships are the cornerstone with our students, teachers and community. This needs to be at the forefront of everything we do and as a team and as school community.

IDENTITY                 Confidence, Individuality, Pride

Who are we as a school community and what identity do our students hold of themselves is fundamental as we grow together and build self-esteem and a growth mindset.

VIRTUES                  Honest Responsibility, Trust

As a team we already live and breathe this. Our challenge is for us to empower our students and colleagues to trust us and engage with what we are trying to achieve.

EXCELLENCE             Aspiration, Diligence, Motivation

We need to have an invested interest in our successes and celebrate our achievements. Through our programs and interactions with students and staff it is important that we aim to the stepping stones to aspire and achieve.

RESPECT                  Appreciation, Equality, Understanding

Taking the time to acknowledge others and to understand the whole picture before we make judgements or decisions is imperative. We need to find the time to see our special qualities in each other as we celebrate our diversity and appreciate our uniqueness.