Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number

All students who are undertaking or considering undertaking a Certificate that it is mandatory for you obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. It is your responsibility to provide this to the Registered Training Organisation (RTO)….that is the agencies that provide the results for the qualification.

Students who are applying for positions with TAFE/State Training Providers for after leaving secondary education will also have to get their number for their applications. Students who are not in this position will still need to get this number for next year.

Southern River College cannot enrol you or give you results unless this has been completed and passed on to the RTO!

Create your number by accessing their website: www.usi.gov.au

Spend the 5 minutes at home using your Medicare Number, Birth Certificate, or Passport Number to register. Once you have done this either:

  1. Send the USI number to e-mail address: david.toothill@education.wa.edu.au
  2. Hand in a copy of your number to one of our staff at the VET Office in middle school.

For more information on USIs – refer to the below YouTube link.