School Board

The function of the School Board is to consult and advise on the strategic directions of Southern River College, and to provide oversight of the school’s operation. The Board is the major governing body in the school and reports to the Principal. The Board has no role in the day to day running of the College or matters relating to programs, teaching or behaviour,  it is also separate to the P&C. The Board is about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students.

Elected members include parents, staff and members of the community. Southern River College encourages interested individuals to nominate for Board positions that will be advertised each year.

Board Members

Denis Coldham – Board Chair
Heath Dullard – Principal
Sharon Harry – Deputy Principal
Kim Prescott-Brown – Staff Member
John Townley – Staff Member
Ashley Meaden – Staff Member
Susan Clifford – P & C President, Parent
Christine Claassens – Parent
Julie Holden – Parent
Rosslyn Smith – Parent
Mark South – Community Member
Emma Whitty – Community Member
Dylan Franklin – Community Member
Shane Hames – Community Member
Katie Russell – Student
Logan Gwilym – Student
Patricia Morris – Guest
Brian Hand – Guest

Please direct any queries regarding the School Board to Julie Hughes in our Front Administration Office.