Our Wellbeing Centre Team

Our Wellbeing Centre Team provides support for the social, emotional and educational wellbeing of the students. The ultimate goal of our team is to help students reach their full potential.

The team consists of two Managers, four Wellbeing Coordinators, four Heads of House, two Psychologists, a Student Support Officer, a Chaplain, an AEIO, and two Deadly Sista Girlz.

Our Wellbeing Centre staff focus on early intervention to assist students in need. The staff work interchangeably if required and will refer to external agencies if considered suitable. Staff are available to meet students, parents and caregivers confidentially.

To speak with any of our team please contact the Wellbeing Centre by pressing option 2 when you call the College phone number 9391 6500. Alternatively you can email us at southernrivercollege@education.wa.edu.au or by completing the contact form below.

Manager – Wellbeing Centre
Patrick Warr

Manager – Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Coordinator – Year 11 & 12
Nat Evans

Wellbeing Coordinator – Year 10
Gemma Reid

Wellbeing Coordinator – Year 8
Jake Luik

Wellbeing Coordinator – Year 9
Josh Arlidge

Wellbeing Coordinator – Year 7
Duncan Finlay

Sharon Sale

Triage Coordinator 
Emma Davies

Tabitha Wood

Martin Wynn

Student Support Officer
Georgia Alderman

Deadly Sista Girlz Coordinator
Heloise Parker

Deadly Sista Girlz Mentor

Cecilia Hill

Richard Kickett

Head of House – Boodjar
Lisa Scott-Harmer

Head of House – Karla

Kira Pearce

Head of House – Kabi
Kadiejayne Tirkot

Head of House – Maar
Tessa Devenyns