Award-winning arts

Our multi-award winning Arts Learning Centre inspires  creative learning to cultivate artistic skills and knowledge. We motivate our students to think differently, voice their opinion and connect to others through their art. All this in our new state of the art facilities built in 2022. Art flows at Southern River College.

“We Inspire our students to create & explore the human condition through artistic expression. We Inspire our students so that our students can Inspire others!” – Mr Meaden (Head of Arts)

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is featured everywhere – from the arts to the commercial world. And it is these two aspects that we enlighten our students with, whether it is to create a package, design a t-shirt or poster, illustrate a story or album cover. Students will be taught through experienced digital media teachers utilising world-class facilities and industry standard hardware and software such as iMacs, tablets, the Adobe CC Suite (including Photoshop), Wacom and Affinity.

We encourage our students to enter competitions (Shaun Tan Art Awards, Oz Kids, Young Originals or the Arts Jam to name but a few) and we also connect with industry and partnerships to create greater career exposure in the field of graphic design.


Southern River College is pleased to offer a Drama program that provides students multiple opportunities to explore a number of dramatic genres, forms and styles through stage and film work. We aim to build student self-esteem and understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication through mime, Western, Indigenous and theatre influences. Drama also provides the platform for public speaking and multiple career opportunities in the theatre, screen and public relation events.

We offer several opportunities for students to perform throughout the year, such as year 8’s performing to primary school children and performances to promote mental health awareness with our partnerships with Act Belong Commit and the Be You organisations.

Our Drama Club competed at Yohfest and proudly won the Certificate of Creative Endeavour.

Media Arts

Media Arts at Southern River College is exploring how media is created and how it functions in today’s society. It includes the study and practice of Mass Media Communication including film, television, documentary, internet, radio, photography, magazines and newspapers. Students in all years, using the latest technologies can create their own media productions through their own personal expression of story-telling and creativity.

Our Media Arts studio will be equipped with a fully functional green screen as of 2023. Students will be able to create special FX using Chroma Key and lighting and advanced studio software packages such as Adobe Premiere Pro and editing suites.

Our senior students have several excursions to media outlets to give them insight into future potential careers and our partnership with Murdoch University, provides greater exposure to education in the Media studies.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Southern River College is an inspirational program that provides a creative and inspirational environment for students to express thoughts and feelings in response to the world around them. We offer a range of creative thinking and technical skills in 2D and 3D artwork with a strong focus on designing, making and presenting artworks. This could include painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, and printmaking.

Southern River College is famous for art awards and finalists. Click here

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