SEQTA Engage Setup Instructions

This article will outline how to install the SEQTA Engage app on your mobile device. This app will work on iOS and Android devices

  1. Login to SEQTA Engage through your web browser
  2. Select Settings from the left-hand menu pane
  3. From this page, you are given the option of downloading the app; select Apple Store or iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android.
  4. Once the app is installed on your phone, go back to the Settings page and Connect Mobile App. This will send through a QR code to the email listed.

  • You are able to scan this QR Code through SEQTA EngageApp, or alternatively simply tap on the QR code if reading the email on your phone

Alternative – Manual Setup

  1. Open the SEQTA Engage app and select Manual Setup
  2. Next, enter the Southern River College – SEQTA Engage URL: