Principal's Welcome

It is with pleasure that I warmly welcome you and your family to Southern River College, an Independent Public School since 2015. We have been achieving outstanding success in recent years with our academic, vocational, cultural and sporting endeavours that enrich our students’ capacity, and challenges their potential to be the best they can be. Our students have access to some of the best facilities and programs to ensure their ongoing success and positive growth.

Our Vision, to “inspire every child, every day in everything we do” guides our College Priorities: inspired students, inspiring teachers, inspire culture and inspirational community.

Inspired Students
We support every student to develop holistically and engage positively with their school community. We inspire students to be challenged, to grow and succeed, to achieve their full potential on their individual learning journey.
Inspiring Teachers
We engage our knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy to inspire creativity, collaboration, empathy and innovation in a safe and supportive environment. We celebrate progress and achievements throughout the school community.
Inspire Culture
We believe that the culture of our school is the foundation of our practice, driven by outstanding governance, strong leadership, students and their aspirations
Inspirational Community
We value and protect our sense of community, interest, action and country, that value the past, present and future of our students. Our community inspires and nurtures students with partnerships, pathways of connection and learning for the future.

We have a diverse population that is celebrated as we work together to achieve success for all. We strive to make a difference to each child and we are innovative and creative in our purpose.

Through the adoption of research-led, best teaching practices in our Pedagogy Centre our students are achieving outstanding academic success. They are inspired to become critical thinkers, active problem solvers and inquisitive learners as they find their way in a changing world. We promote academic excellence and vocational aspirations for our students and recognise their valued skillsets. We want our students to be confident and active citizens. We are dedicated to quality instruction that enriches learning.

Our approaches to pastoral care are contemporary and multi-layered with the Wellbeing Team targeting positive school culture through building resilience and belonging amongst our staff and students. Our River Road Centre and Specialist Autism Learning Program provide additional support for those that need a helping hand to ensure success in secondary school.

Everyday our students are guided by our River Values of Relationships, Identity, Virtues, Excellence and Respect.

At Southern River College we want to invest in our students’ futures by being open to their diversity and aspirations. We achieve this by creating enduring partnerships, connecting industry and education together for real world experiences. We recognise we are part of a global world.

We are a school that works with our greater community, inviting them to be part of our College with the Wood Turners Association Gosnells Group and Southern River Community Garden based onsite, along with a host of other community groups that use the College facilities after hours. Our P&C and School Board are dedicated people who help us achieve our aspirations and support our students’ endeavours.

We welcome our parents to be part of our community. As a school we look forward to the opportunity of working with our families and strengthening your child’s learning journey.

Heath Dullard, Principal