School Board

The College community’s efforts remain firmly committed to maintaining and enhancing the local, national and international reputation of Southern River College as an educational institute of excellence.

The goals that Southern River College has for its students are: to build strong relationships, excellence in all endeavours, and respect for self, others and the environment. Southern River College and its community enjoy increased opportunity to achieve these goals for all students.

Under the new directions of the Department of Education there is now more autonomy to determine the nature and delivery of educational programs and a greater ability to deploy resources to meet current and emerging needs. There is also greater flexibility to build on existing ties with local and international communities and to form new partnerships with communities and businesses.

College Business Plan 2015-2017

The College Board is made up of varying members from the wider College community.

The current members are:

  • Pat Morris AM JP – School Board Chairman – Former Mayor City of Gosnells
  • Ron Mitchell – City of Gosnells Councillor – Deputy Chair
  • Everal Miocevich – Principal
  • Debbie Lambert, Corporate Services Manager – Secretary
  • Sharon Harry – Deputy Principal
  • Teresa Stoncius – Manager VET
  • Theo Gummery – Manager of Operations
  • Terry Healy MLA – Community
  • Peter Abetz Former MLA – Community
  • Emmanuel Hondros – Director, Policy and Projects. Girls Academy – Community
  • Vaille Dawson – UWA Professor of Science and Education – Community
  • Karen Adams President  P&C – Parent
  • Diane Kowalski  VC President P&C – Parent
  • Brian Hand – Manager IT & Systems

Student Representatives:

  • Tanuun Sandoraj– Head Boy
  • Amy Hart – Head Girl


Board Reports:


Board Report 17 Feb 17
Board Report 29 Mar 17 AGM and Open Mtg
Board Report 28 Apr 2017