Our Student Services Team

Meet our wonderful team:

Student Services Manager
Tamara Kelly

Attendance & Engagement Coordinator
Karen Jolly

Year 11 & 12 Co-ordinator
Jennifer Cooper

Year 10 Co-ordinator
Rob Forte

Year  9 Co-ordinator
Kasia Schmidt

Year  8 Co-ordinator
Ben La Haye

Year  7 Co-ordinator
Owen Davies

Community Health Nurse – Miriam West
The nurse is here to provide you with information and support on health related issues. The health centre is located in the student services building. Students can attend during their breaks or by making an appointment through the student services desk.

College Psychologists –  Stephanie Howson & Lauren Dragon
The college psychologists are available during the week to talk through issues and concerns. The psychologists are seen by appointment only. Students can request an appointment by using the request box located in Administration.

Youth Workers – Matthew Lanternier & Julia Smit
Our Youth Workers’ office is also located in Student Services. Please check out the wonderful programs that are organised both in school and after school. Students can request an appointment by speaking to the River Room receptionist.

AEO – Shaquille McKenzie
Shaquille McKenzie, our Aboriginal  Education Officer, works closely with the student services team. Some of the many ways that Shaquille helps students is by:

  • Providing career and traineeship information
  • Assisting with school work
  • Being someone you can have a friendly chat with
  • Visiting classes

School Chaplain – Joe Rossi
Our college chaplain supports our whole school community in the area of social, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well being. The chaplain is accessible by making an appointment through the student services office.

First Aid Officer – Kim Prescott-Brown
Kim is always available to help student with every day medical concerns.

Student Services Receptionist – Sharon Sale
Sharon Sale is the friendly face at the desk of the Student Services Reception.

River Room Receptionist – Julia Gonzalez
Julia Gonzalez is the receptionist in the River Room.