We would like to acknowledge the good work staff have done recently to enable our students to move to an online format due to COVID-19. They have worked in a proactive manner to ensure there has been continuity of learning for our students. There have been some teething problems, however, these have been clarified or adjusted when they have been raised with our staff. If there are concerns as we continue this mode of teaching in Term 2, we ask that parents/ guardians contact the College immediately so that this system continues to run smoothly.

We thank you all for the positive feedback we have received as we have moved to the online platforms. It has been both gratifying and pleasing that our community is willing to share their thoughts and support in such a positive way.

A reminder that teaching on Term 1, concluded Friday 3 April 2020. The teaching staff will be involved in professional development from Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April in order to prepare for Term 2.

Term 2 online classes will commence on Tuesday 28 April 2020.




During this anxious, uncertain and ever changing time, I write to you on behalf of the Student Services Team to provide some guidance on responding to and supporting our students and families. I would also like to clarify how support can be accessed from Student Services staff.


Adolescents are likely to be struggling just as much as adults are at this time. They are trying to make sense out of this with their not yet fully developed brains. They may experience a range of emotions and their vulnerability toward impulsivity and need to connect with their peers may increase their risk taking behaviours. It will be important to acknowledge your child’s feelings and views, focusing on what they can and cannot do. This will help them to regulate their emotions and help them to feel heard and supported. It won’t always be easy as some of their worries and concerns may come out in other emotions and frustration.

Your connection and communication with them will be very important at this time. It can be challenging at times to have influence over their conduct without a foundation of a good relationship to work from. There are a number of good resources and links that you can use to support you and your family through this time (see links below or the document attached).


In terms of school work, it is important to maintain routines and keep your child engaged with their education. It will be important to be FLEXIBLE. Sometimes the plan may need to be adjusted until the ‘thinking brain’ is switched back on.

Equally as important as learning, is having some FUN, interaction, physical activity and relaxation. Time spent engaging in these activities can be rejuvenating and can improve readiness to learn as well as learning outcomes.


Year Co-ordinators – The best first point of contact at school in regard to your child’s wellbeing is their Year Co-ordinator. The Year Co-Ordinator’s work closely with the School Psychologists and will pass on your requests for support where appropriate and where the matter cannot be addressed by a Year Co-ordinator.

Student Support Officer – Sean Dominish – Students can approach our Student Support Officer directly for support by calling our Student Services number 9495 3206.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO) – Shaq McKenzie – Students can approach our AEIO directly for support by calling our Student Services number 9495 3206.

If a student is already an existing client of our School Psychologist, then please contact the psychologist via email and they will return contact with you or arrange a phone call appointment with you.

Chaplain – Bron Przybyla – Students can approach our Chaplain directly for support by calling our Student Services number 9495 3206.

School Health Nurse  –Susan Hawkins – Students can approach our Health Nurse directly for support by calling our Student Services number 9495 3206.

Best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time and thank you in advance for helping us to work most efficiently by following the school’s process.

Owen Davies
Student Services Manager