The Principal has exercised the right under the Occupation, Health and Safety Act to make the uniform compulsory.  This decision is endorsed by the School Council made up of staff, parents and community members.  As part of their learning environment it is very important that all students are dressed appropriately so that they can be easily identified and as a safety factor against intruders.  Due to Occupational Health and Safety all students must wear closed in shoes, eg. runners, black lace ups etc.  No thongs, slip-ons or open toes.

In order to keep the uniform streamlined all garments will only be available through our Uniform Shop which is open every Tuesday and Friday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 am during the year, as well as additional times as required – including the start of the year.  In 2014 the Uniform Shop is operated by Willetton Uniforms under the same conditions as in previous years, but will also provide an opportunity to purchase uniforms online via www.willettonuniforms.com.au.   An order form with more details is attached.

Click here to view the Uniform-Ordering-Form-2017