About PBS at Our College

Southern River College promotes a positive school culture where all students feel part of a vibrant, happy and inclusive community which supports and inspires them to fulfill their potential.

The RIVER Matrix are unique to our College; and underpin our values:

Relationships – we build positive relationships that are caring, collaborative and courteous
Identity – we build an identity that displays confidence, individuality and pride
Virtues – we show virtues of honesty, responsibility and trust
Excellence – we show excellence in our aspirations, diligence and motivation
Respect – we show respect through appreciation, equality and understanding.

Our RIVER Matrix is proudly displayed throughout the College and on our website as a reminder of our purpose and positive school culture.

Each week our students are explicitly taught these values through classroom based activities and they are continuously encouraged to actively demonstrate behaviours derived from these values in the classroom, during break-times, when using technology and as wider community members.

The RIVER Values are reflective of a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) ethos and was devised by our PBS team who undertook extensive research, training and planning to devise this unique approach for our school. Launched in 2017, our RIVER Values have set a framework and been a wonderful success for our College staff, students and the greater community.

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