The focus soccer program was one of the first focus programs established at Southern River College and is popular and highly competitive as it offers students the opportunity to develop and improve  their practical skills, physical fitness, abilities, aspirations and values to the highest level.

The program has been developed in conjunction with Sutherland Park Soccer Club and is run by teachers who have an expertise in coaching soccer, as well as playing at an elite level. Students who engage in the program will not only be able to chart their improvement and progress in the course, but also engage in during school and after-school soccer programs.

This program also helps to build player qualities such as sportsmanship, leadership, personal responsibility and self-discipline. Links are made with local, state and national bodies of soccer

Pathways to the Future

Year 7 – Introduction to soccer

Year 8 – Level 1 coaching and umpiring

Year 9 – Rules and regulations

Year 10 – Foundations of coaching

Year 11 – ATAR Physical Education Studies

Year 11 – General Physical Education Studies

Year 12 – ATAR Physical Education Studies

Year 12 – General Physical Education Studies

Year 11/12 – Certificate II Sports Coaching & Sport and Recreation

Senior School – Ability to coach and manage teams

Round 2 – Inspire Netball and Soccer Trials at Southern River College.
When: Wednesday 19 July 2017
Time: 3.15 pm  – 4.00 pm
Where: SRC Gym (Meet at SRC Reception)
RSVP: , or 9495 3200