Academic Extension Program

The Academic Extension Program aims to provide students with a comprehensive program that will engage and challenge students. Student will receive academic rigor through extended learning and enrichment opportunities in Sciences and the Humanities streams.

The teachers who will be working with your child are of a high calibre and have undergone professional learning programs that will assist in developing your child’s potential. The wealth and experience of our staff will help to support your child and give them the best opportunities in their learning programs while supporting their emotional and developmental needs. The program aims to encourage students to excel in their area of talent and to stimulate students’ inquiry, analytical, critical, creative and caring thinking skills.

Students will have the opportunity to experience competitions and university courses that will develop their problem solving and synthesis strategies. The opportunity for students to participate in extension programs will help to enrich their passions and interests beyond the normal curriculum and support their individual needs. Students are encouraged to try an array of activities that may interest and challenge their abilities.

Pathways to the Future
Students may move in and out of this program according to the level of work they complete in any one semester. The program aims to extend and accelerate students to a higher level of work while still progressing with mainstream topics.

Students in this pathway will be focusing on a high entry TAFE course or University pathway. Support through extra tuition and coaching is provided. A comprehensive study skills program is integrated into the course allowing students to target specific areas of need.

Students who wish to apply for this program will need to sit a school based test and attend an interview. Testing for AEP occurs in two rounds first round occurs at the end of Term 1 and second round takes place at the start of Term 3. Please contact the college for a brochure.