Technology & Enterprise

Students at Southern River College have the opportunity to study a varied range of contexts in the Technology and Enterprise area. These include Home Economics subjects such as Food and Hospitality; Textiles and Childcare; Design and Technology courses including Wood and Metals andĀ Information Technology.

Students apply knowledge, skills, experience and use resources to develop technological solutions that are designed to meet the changing needs of individuals, societies and environments.

Students have the opportunity to become innovative, adaptable and reflective as they select appropriate materials, information and processes to create solutions to create solutions that consider the short and long term impact on societies and the environment.

The Technology and Enterprise learning area relates to the process of applying knowledge, skills and resources to satisfy human needs and wants, thus extending student capabilities andĀ realising opportunities.

At Southern River College, students have access to first class resources, materials (both raw and processed), tools and machines and experiences all designed to prepare students for life beyond the classroom.