In the Science learning area, students learn to investigate, understand and communicate the physical, biological and technological world and value the processes that support life on our planet. Our Science courses enable students to become critical and analytical thinkers by encouraging them to evaluate the use of science in society and its application in daily life.

Science is one of the eight learning areas described in the Curriculum Framework. Students in years 8 to 10 study a broad range of science disciplines including Biological, Physical and Earth sciences.

Pathways are currently offered in Years 8 – 10

An academic pathway for students who have been selected for the school’s academic excellence program and a general pathway for mainstream students.

Courses Available in Years 11-12

In Year 11 and 12, students may study subjects that can lead to university, TAFE or employment. Students can select from a wide range of Courses of Study in Science depending upon their pathways selections.

The science strands are:

  • Process Strand – Working scientifically
  • Content Strands – Natural and processed materials, Life and Living, Earth and Beyond, Energy and Change