The mathematics program at Southern River College has 2 fundamental aims:

  • To give all students a sound understanding of the basic mathematics they will need in order to cope in today’s technological society.
  • To provide students with the background knowledge to enable them to pursue tertiary mathematical studies, or to enter other fields of study requiring secondary schools mathematics.

To achieve these aims we offer a comprehensive mathematics program to all students. In years 8, 9 and 10 most students follow the main course in accordance with the Curriculum Framework. The focus of the Year 8 course is on fostering interest in mathematics with the classroom teacher providing remedial and extension work where necessary. Opportunities exist for extension work in a combined Year 8/9 class, with a specialist teacher working with a group of students. In Year 10 students may select from a range of semester long courses depending on their ability, interest and future plans in the study of Mathematics.

Courses on offer include MAT 1B/1C, MAT 1D/1E, MAT 2A/2B, MAT 2C/2D, MAT 3A/3B, MAT 3C/3D and Specialist Mathematics MAS 3A/3B and MAS 3C/3D. Most of our students select two units – each of a semester’s length during Year 11. Students pursuing a mathematical career can take four units in Year 12 which may include Specialist Mathematics units.

Extra Curricula Activities

Students of all levels are encouraged to participate in extra-curricula activities of a mathematical nature such as Australian Mathematics Competitions, the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game, the ABS Census at School, the World Maths Day and Numeracy Days and Maths Quizzes throughout the year.