Principal’s Message

Welcome to Southern River College. Minerals and Energy Academy.

Southern River College is leading the way in improving outcomes and pathways for our students. Our education plan has been mapped to the needs of our students. Our focus is on making real opportunities for our students to excel as they find their way from primary to secondary and into their career aspirations. Our college priorities are:

  • Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum Differentiation
  • Positive School
  • Positive Culture

Southern River College offers an array of Specialist and Focus Programs through our Minerals and Energy Academy with a focus on Academic, Technology and Trades studies, in conjunction with these areas students can study Robotics, Music, Netball and Soccer.

Southern River College embraces our community and partnerships with industry that help us to support our student’s opportunities. Southern River College is a recognised Resource School through the Chamber of Minerals and Energy and is closely aligned to Curtin University and the School of Mines. We are supported by Chevron, Chamber of Minerals and Energy, Civil Construction Federation CCF, Energy Apprentice Group EAG, The Petroleum Club, TOLL, The Beacon Foundation, The City of Gosnells, HOLCIM, The Smith Family, Gosnells Education Training Industry Link GETIL and other industry and resource companies that provide real opportunities for our students to learn and excel.

The staff, students and parent body support vision of the college and directions we are heading in. Flexibility of delivery is the key to Southern River College’s ability to aid students in achieving their post school destination.  Southern River College is rich in how we can make a difference through a dynamic curriculum that is flexible, innovative and creative.

Through greater flexibility Southern River College is achieving our vision and empowering the college community to be far more responsive to the diverse requirements of our students.  The ability to find local solutions is seen as one of the most exciting possibilities for our school plan.

The targeted school plan 2014 – 2016 was developed in collaboration with staff, students and parents and the wider industry community and endorsed by the school council, P&C. This was done in conjunction with examination of data to highlight areas of need for future directions of the college. The leadership of the school is strong and shared. The long term vision and targets for improvement are clearly communicated to the whole community through our school planning strategies. We have recognised our issues and the needs of our college and are embracing them as an opportunity for improved outcomes. This is aligned to the learning area plans, performance management and targets set by the college’s priority teams, ensure that everyone is aware and focused on the college’s long and short term directions.

At Southern River College our focus is on every child and their success through quality educational programs and pathways.

Everal Miocevich